The sumptuous creations produced by DELPOZO celebrate quintessential femininity with elegance and charm. The brand’s artistic director, Josep Font, takes a couture approach with sophisticated hand embroidery, stunning appliqué work and luxuriant flower prints. 

  • White cotton sleeveless top. Open on the back and frilled details. Color: White.

    $784 $392

  • White cotton long skirt with frilled details. Slit on one side. High waist cut. Color: White.

    $1,442 $721

  • Leather silver sandals. Off white fringe details. Color: Off white.

    $627 $313

  • Leather golden brown sandals with heels. Orange fringe details. Color: Orange.

    $824 $412

  • Red silk dress with multicolor patterns. Details on the sleeves. Color: Red.

    $2,400 $1,200

  • Silk and cotton yellow, silver long skirt. Flared shape. Color: Yellow / Silver.

    $2,158 $1,079

  • Pink, yellow and blue cotton long gown with frilled details. Strapless dress. Color: Yellow / P...

    $6,000 $3,000

  • Linen and cotton long gown with green and white stripes. Bow details on the sleeves. Color: Gre...

    $1,361 $681

  • Pink, yellow and silver linen and cotton long gown with frilled details. One shoulder cut. Colo...

    $6,000 $3,000

  • Multicolor cotton and silk midi dress. Strapless cut. Color: Multicolor.

    $4,316 $2,158

  • Silk multicolor and asymetric frilled dress with spaghettis strapes. Color: Multicolor

    $2,803 $1,401

  • Silk and cotton multicolor tank top with sequins and bow details. Color: Multicolor

    $3,837 $1,919

  • - Strapless evening dress, featuring orchid flower appliqué and flowers plexi - Colour: white.

    $8,395 $5,037